QoTD: Should The Cavs Trade Andrew Wiggins For Kevin Love?

07.18.14 3 years ago 76 Comments

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LeBron James is coming home. Yay!

*does a jig*

Now what? Despite the earnest tone that LeBron took in his letter, this move isn’t just to mend bridges. Cleveland has an intriguing roster brimming with highly-touted prospects. Prospects like Andrew Wiggins. The league’s Next Big Thing has all the physical tools to be an incredible wing player for 10-15 years. But he’s only 19, and seemingly a couple of years away from being a major difference-maker.

Which is why the Wiggins-for-Kevin-Love debate has gotten so much burn since LeBron hopped ships. You know the specifics: Kevin Love is a stat-stuffing, potential Hall Of Famer, with talent as known as tangible as Wiggins’ potential is mysterious.

So, dear reader, were you calling the shots in Cleveland, do you trade Wiggins for Love, or do you stand by and see what the kid has to offer?

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