QoTD: ‘Follow The Leader’ Or ‘Paid In Full’?

08.04.14 3 years ago 27 Comments

Twenty-six years ago today, Eric B. & Rakim released one of the best sophomore releases, Follow the Leader a mere 13 months after Paid in Full. Admittedly I wasn’t old enough to appreciate the albums at the time of their release, but seeming every rapper since was influenced by Ra’s flow, cadence, and elevated subject matter.

Both are classics, but as title suggests, you’re gonna have to choose one.

Paid in Full

01 – I Ain’t No Joke
02 – Eric B. Is on the Cut
03 – My Melody
04 – I Know You Got Soul
05 – Move the Crowd
06 – Paid in Full
07 – As the Rhyme Goes On
08 – Chinese Arithmetic
09 – Eric B. Is President
10 – Extended Beat

Follow the Leader

01 – Follow the Leader
02 – Microphone Fiend
03 – Lyrics of Fury
04 – Eric B. Never Scared
05 – Just a Beat
06 – Put Your Hands Together
07 – To the Listeners
08 – No Competition
09 – The R
10 – Musical Massacre
11 – Beats for the Listeners

Damn near half the tracks on Paid in Full were big singles, but Follow had some singles too, and some would argue that Rakim improved lyrically throughout. Which one are you rolling with? Also, how many other rap acts have a debut/follow up combo that could compete?

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