QOTD: Is Kanye’s “New Slaves” Second Verse The Greatest of All Time?

07.20.13 4 years ago 103 Comments

Today’s Kanye West moment of high-culture trolling involves the enigmatic (that’s the best way to describe him nowadays, right?) emcee’s declaration that verse two of his Yeezus track “New Slaves” involves the best rap verse of “ALL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF RAP MUSIC, PERIOD” (his capital letters, not ours).

Cue the Dylan “Chappelle’s Show” GIF.

Best Rappers of all time GIF Kanye West Tweet

So, trusted and knowledgeable TSS commentors, is Mr. West’s verse from “New Slaves” the best? Is it top-5 or even top-25 of all time? And if it isn’t, which Hip-Hop verse is?

And now let Complex Editor-In-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever’s tweet implore you to leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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