QoTD: What’s The Best Podcast Out Right Now?

11.14.13 4 years ago 77 Comments

gordon gartrell radio

Long Live Gordon Gartrell Radio

I’ve had a habit for podcasts lately since they’ve been so crucial towards getting through the work day. Albums are cool and all but there’s something great about eavesdropping on a funny conversation between balanced personalities and guests.

There has to be a king to this podcast stuff though, right? I mean the best shows out aren’t just doing it for their own health. They’ve built fan bases who, weirdly enough, want to hear them ramble on for hours about whatever. Plus letting conversations flow with a looser format than radio makes for some hilarious results…like Dame clowning Just Blaze’s Los Jets jersey/rhinestone belt combo.

Honestly, outside of making you guys argue, I made this post to get my podcast game up. It kind of begins with Juan Epstein and ends with Combat Jack since they speak to my hip-hop dweeb sensibilities. So now’s the time to pledge for your show while I sit back and take notes. Thanks guys.

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