QoTD: Who Has A Better Shot At Winning – President Obama Or Kobe Bryant?

08.24.12 5 years ago 22 Comments

Today’s Question of The Day installment did not resonate in the TSS offices. Instead, it comes from none other Chris Rock who actually posed the question on Twitter. For Kobe, this seasons stands as one of his last legitimate chances to obtain that ever-elusive sixth ring tying him with you know who. Playing with the best point guard he’s had in his career, a legitimate top five big man when he’s not distracted by God knows what (Gasol) and arguably the best big man in the game (for the second time in his storied career), the 2012-2013 campaign finds all the pressure falling squarely on the shoulders who has routinely been referred to as the game’s “most clutch” player.

Speaking of the campaign trail, President Barry O looks to be in a dogfight all the way up until November 6. With both parties national conventions on the horizon, Barack’s about to enter full fledged political “f*ck you” mode. Those annoying commercials will be amped up in frequency. Romney and his trusty steed of Republicans – who may or may not believe in “legitimate rape” and skinny dipping in Israel during “fact finding” missions – will attempt to belittle his name to no end. Then, we’ll get to see Obama Vs. Romney during primetime for the debates. It may not be Kobe vs. LeBron in a seven game dogfight, but the division on who to support will be like nothing we’ve probably ever seen before.

So yeah, answer Pookie’s question. Does Kobe tie Jordan next June? Or does Barack renew his lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C.?

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