Question Of The Day: Are Men Really Tired Of Kim Kardashian?

07.25.12 5 years ago 47 Comments

AskMen’s fifth annual Great Male Survey results are in. For the uninitiated, the poll picks the brains of over 50,000 men worldwide, finding out issues ranging from where they shop online to who the vote for and how they pick a mate. And on fairer sex, men seem clearly decided on one thing: they’re no longer interested in keeping up with Kim Kardashian*.

When asked whose 15 minutes they wish was up, most men find Kim to be the overwhelming choice:

Kim Kardashian – 62%
Nicki Minaj – 18%
Jennifer Lopez – 9%
Kate Middleton – 6%
Sofia Vergara – 3%
Kate Upton – 2%

The first reaction to any survey is usually “who the hell did they poll because they didn’t come to my barbershop?!?” But let’s say they got a good cross-segment of guys and the percentages are legit. If the numbers don’t lie, does that mean many share the same sentiments and no longer give a damn about Kim?

Source: AskMen

*Justin Bieber topped the male side, but clearly teenage girls say otherwise.

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