Question Of The Day: Who’ll Take Today’s Heat Vs. Lakers Match-Up?

03.04.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

As if a Heat-Lakers game needed any added build-up, Dwyane Wade’s shot to Kobe’s snotbox* during last week’s All-Star game really make today’s contest one to watch. Although any rumored ideas of a bounty being placed on Wade’s head are easily waved off in the wake of the NFL’s newest scandal (shoutout to David’s D.’s Saints!), the play should be physical and Kobe will likely be looking to exact revenge in the form of buckets. On the flipside, the Heat have been playing remarkably well both defensively and offensively (minus the final minutes of a few games). So, we ask, who do you think will walk away today’s winner?

And then there was this guy Tinsley

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*Kobe said to have had Chris Childs flashbacks.

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