“Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?”

03.05.09 9 years ago 26 Comments

“Who Will Watch The Watchers?”

I will.

The only contention now is whether to hit the neighborhood spot tonight, or to wait for the IMAX experience. I’ll probably do both.

As a younger Contra™, I was always a huge fan of graphic novels and comics even though I never could afford them overpriced shits. So in between meals and classes, I’d hide out in the school library and read whatever they had. Frank Miller’s Sin City, 300 and Dark Knight series were amongst the instant favorites. So imagine my surprise when they started turning them into movies some years back.

When this random renaissance of graphic novels started up and the movies began churning out, I was thrown into a nostalgic reenactment of a childhood past.

Although I’m mad at all the bandwagonners(more on that later), I can’t help but feel somewhat elated that The Watchmen somehow made it off my bookshelf and onto the silver screen. Surprise, surprise, someone in Hollywood has taste.

I’m gonna be lacing up my new shoes at about 11:45pm tonight and hitting up that 12:01am screening to watch pictures come to life and dreams realize. Who else is going for it?

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