Yippee! R. Kelly Says More “Trapped In The Closet” Episodes Are Coming Soon!

08.07.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

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Oh Christ: R. Kelly told TMZ that more installments to his infamous “Trapped In The Closet” series are only a couple of months away.

TMZ reports that, upon entering the Sony offices in New York City yesterday, the Chicago crooner briefly stopped and told the pappo that they’re “working on it now.” Of course, it being TMZ, no other details other than the flippant aforementioned tidbit were shared.

But that doesn’t mean speculation about what these new chapters will entail can’t commence. What would we like to see? Well whatever’s the craziest thing that pops into Robert’s mind during shooting. Maybe a penis-wielding unicorn guarding a stash house of Vietnamese prostitutes or something.

Question is, what would you all like to see happen in the upcoming “Trapped In The Closet” episodes? Drop us a comment–whether you care or not–and we’ll try to find a way to sneak the pitches to Robert’s writing team. We’re sure they’re open to any and all suggestions right now.

Creativity’s a beautiful thing.

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