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04.03.08 10 years ago 10 Comments

Radiohead In Rainbows Album Cover

I think pretty soon we’re gonna have to put Radiohead in the same category as Jay-Z pretty soon.

They’re not just businessmen; they’re A BUSINESS man.

Despite having no record label backing them (keep in mind with their fanbase’s support, they don’t need one) they continue to find ways to promote & make money off of their latest album In Rainbows.

They’ve joined up with iTunes to sell their new single, “Nude,” in both vocal & instrumental parts. Fans can then make their own remixes and enter them in a contest to become the official remix. Submissions go to and fans will vote on the winner. The winning song will be available on iTunes somewhere along the line.

It’s interesting that Jay has been dropping vocal albums since The Black Album to little fanfare, but not surprising he hasn’t done something like this with iTunes. It’d be hard for Apple to offer him something like this the way he went against their system for American Gangster. So props go to Radiohead & I look forward to see what they do next as they continue flip the current record label model on its head.

Radiohead Launches Song Remix Contest with iTunes []

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