Radiohead To Release More “The King Of Limbs” Music?

02.23.11 7 years ago 2 Comments


“Since the release of Radiohead‘s new album last Friday, message boards and music sites have been bombarded with a vast amount of “conspiracy theories” regarding “The King of Limbs.” Though most are plain trash, there is one that holds a genuinely interesting point: there may be a second “King of Limbs” album.

“The main evidence for this theory is the fact the rather short album finishes on a track titled “Separator”—on which Thom Yorke repeatedly sings “if you think this is over, then you’re wrong.” A direct message from the band, if the theory were to be held true, couldn’t be any clearer. On top of that, many fans have noted the lack of other members in the eight tracks—where’s Johnny Greenwood‘s virtuosic guitar and noise-samples?

“Another possible hint is the fact that orders from Radiohead‘s website were marked “TKOL1? — could that mean there’s a “TKOL2? on the way?”

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