Rae Sremmurd – ‘No Flex Zone’ Video

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08.11.14 14 Comments

Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone video

Mike WiLL Made-It’s behind the teenybopper duo Rae Sremmurd, their name being the name of the producer’s record label, EarDruma Records, spelled backwards. Total news to me since I haven’t actually delved into who these two are. Sue me, but I can only keep up with so many one-hit wonders at once.

This Tupelo, Mississippi twosome of brothers are like the new Kris Kross. Their age is still somewhat unclear but they’re being marketed as teens, which in turn makes them less threatening and the simplistic charm behind “No Flex Zone” more amusing than the average. I think they’re probably way past 16 but their balls never dropped so that’s why their voices are so shrill.

It’s kind of wild to consider how the producer secretly willed them into the spotlight, no pun. As he explained to Businessweek:

“WiLL has promoted ‘No Flex Zone’ using the under-the-radar techniques he learned as a mixtape producer in Atlanta. Before officially signing the group, WiLL released ‘No Flex Zone’ on popular music-sharing site SoundCloud so hip-hop bloggers could pick up on the song and share it with their readers. He took Rae Sremmurd with him to the South by Southwest festival last March in Austin, Texas, and featured them in his DJ sets. He paraded them around the city and filmed their shenanigans. WiLL trimmed the footage, turning it into an entertaining YouTube video.

“At Coachella in April, he escorted Rae Sremmurd through the VIP area, blaring his prized single on Beats speakers, attracting the attention of Sean “Diddy” Combs, the rapper-producer-turned-vodka-salesman. His plan worked. “Diddy called me, and he was, like, ‘Yo, who are these kids? I had to hear this song at least 200 times this weekend,’ ” WiLL chuckles.

You know what happens when a Drake remix pops off, word to Migos, right?

Also, if they’re the new Kris Kross, that makes Mike then new Jermaine Dupri. And if Mike’s the new JD, then Miley is the new…nah, I’ll stop right there.

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