Soundtrack To Summer: Raekwon’s “Ice Cream”

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raekwon ice_cream

There’s something awesome about reminiscing over songs you shouldn’t have heard. Raekown’s “Ice Cream” dropped in ’95 while I stood at the tender age of nine. My folks did a pretty good job parenting me so don’t start. However, the radio/TV as “fair game” rule applied to Rae’s legendary anthem to women of all persuasions.

So I waited to hear this jam on Hot 97 or watch its video on The Box/MTV/BET because that’s what kids did back then. ETAs never lasted long since the joint ran in full rotation: at least on Hot 97 and BET. The Box came through more often than not, though. Shout out to whoever ordered the video so many times back then.

ice cream

Brief side-note: people used to PAY MONEY to order music videos on demand in the ’90s. Those were crazy times, indeed.

Anyway, “Ice Cream” carried over into a summertime favorite in the next year. Everybody ripped this joint* and the video contributed to my skewed view of what my 20’s would be like. Young adult life turned out much lamer than anticipated but gems like “Excuse me hun the don mean no harm, turn around again?,” “So when I step in the square dear/You better have cream to share, Ricans, ven aqui, yeah!” and that rare asian chick stay shining. Meth’s parting words with “Wu-Tang in the cut, for real n*ggas what/It’s the after party and bitches wanna F*CK” never gets old, either.

“Ice Cream” ranks stupidly high on Rae’s discog and Rza’s production record. It’s probably the hardest song set for the season’s heat. Either that or I just have a weird sense of what constitutes as a summer smash.

* — I know it’s rap nerd cool to hate on Cappadonna but I won’t have it today, nope no sir.

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