Rajon Rondo Sees The B*tch In Yoo, Chris Bosh

11.12.10 7 years ago 29 Comments

Riddle me this: when you’re 6-foot, 30-inches on the basketball court, you’d think a 6’1″ flashy, point guard would rather run up on the Secret Service with a water gun than test you in the paint, right? Well if you’re Chris Bosh and you have “kick me” sign on your Heat jersey, the answer is WRONG. There were many things that could be noted as to why the Miami Heat fell to the Boston Celtics (again) 112-107 on their home floor but when you have a big man who’s a bigger spectator than the pompous ass who spills White Zinfandel on the bassline without regard for the court, there’s an issue that probably can bumped up to the front of the list.

Like Justin and Jason alluded to earlier this week, Bosh is Grade A, Twinkie®-filling and Rajon Rondo exposed this fact for all to see by treating his presence like Rodney Dangerfield’s: NO RESPECT. You can clearly see that the man didn’t even attempt to make a defensive play on the ball (any three of them). Maybe it was some R. Kelly, “Bump & Grind” reverse psychology. His mind was telling him yes but his body said “No way, Jose.”

Paul Pierce even took to Twitter for some mockery and subtle trash talk. What was that saying again, Rodney? Ahhh yes…NO RESPECT.

H/T: The Score

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