Rajon Rondo Interns For GQ, Shows Why You Should Never Be A Fashion Intern

09.15.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Rajon Rondo looks like a good dude, despite the fact that I could give two sh*ts about his on-court play. As evidenced by my infrequent trolling of TSS’ NBA posts, I’m not too concerned about his professional career. However, a recent GQ video of Rondo “interning” at the prestigious men’s fashion magazine caught my eye.

In the clip, Rondo flips mailroom parcels behind the back to fellow editors and takes his lunch breaks in the fashion closet. He also loathes his crappy job, and takes some tongue-in-cheek parting shots that some magazine interns would love to make.

It’s a neat little piece of content for the publication’s website, but something I can and can’t relate to. Here’s how: I, too, have roamed the halls as an intern at some well-known NYC titles, doing the scanning and delivering required at some of these gigs. However, I’m fortunate that I can say that the imagined experience of Rondo’s interning is just that. That’s not the case for everyone, of course–and I have some friends who can attest–but thank god for the humanity my past editors have shown in allowing me to actually do stuff, like creating pieces, editing copy, conducting interviews and assisting guys like Scott Raab in their work.

Then again, I was never in fashion, so thank f*cking god. Those kids have the worst lives possible. We all now have Rondo to thank for highlighting why you should never be a fashion closet intern. All work and no pay makes Johnny’s experience a horrible one.

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