Rajon Rondo Probably Won’t Be A Boston Celtic For Too Much Longer

09.01.14 3 years ago 24 Comments
Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics


Rumors are just that: rumors. But when Boston sports OG Jackie MacMullan puts her name on it, the reality is where there’s smoke, a blaze isn’t too far off.

According to her account, Jackie Mac says Rajon Rondo has informed Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens and the voices that matter on the Celtics he “wants out.” The topic of a Rondo trade has been in the works for awhile. The only difference now is that it actually might happen sometime between now and the trade deadline, especially since the Kevin Love pipe dream has taken up residency alongside Boston’s “favorite player, LeBron James.

The Boston floor general fully intends to test free agency next summer and will not sign a long-term to play with the Kings, the team he has been associated with the most in potential deals. So that means, Boogie Cousins’ starting point guard this fall will really be Darren Collison.


The Marcus Smart era, ladies and gentlemen. It looks to be upon us much sooner than later.

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