Rakim Announces New Album For 2015

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04.27.15 16 Comments

It looks like Nas isn’t the only legend dropping a new album. In an interview with Montreality, Rakim announced that he too has an album coming out this year.

“I’m trying to get a few of the right producers in the pocket, get the chemistry of the album together. But I’m working on something right now, trying to get it out like, towards the middle, towards the end of this year. My last album was a somewhat conscience album… this one here, I’ma have a little fun, and enjoy a little Hip-Hop.”

Ra also dropped his thoughts about the younger generation. In particular, J. Cole got some love for the shoutout to the God MC on Forest Hills Drive track, “January 28.”

“Big up baby, ya heard? J. Cole, man. Respect, man. And keep smashing them baby pa! It’s a blessing man, to get that love from people like that that’s on fire. A young artist coming up doing his thing, reaching back towards the past and showing love. I appreciate that, man.”

Kendrick Lamar also also got his props.

“That new fuel, and it’s a conscience new fuel where, he’s not just doing what’s hot for today. He has substance, and he ain’t scared to make a statement. He’s nice man.”

The full interview has Rakim talking about everything from his sharpness in this day and age and the current state of Hip-Hop to the biggest lie in this world. It’s a thorough nine minutes.

(via Montreality)

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