Players Only Live Once: U.S. Swags On Whole World With Ralph Lauren Outfits For The 2014 Winter Games

01.23.14 4 years ago 27 Comments

US Ralph Lauren 2014 Sochi Olympic Uniforms

Let the sounds of Swag Surfin’ swell from your speakers as I spin a story about the sweetest sweater ever sewn! How great is it to be an American? For the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Ralph Lauren has weaved a Technicolor dreamcoat in this unique shawl collar cardigan to be worn by U.S. athletes during opening ceremonies. Paired with cream athletic pants and a turtleneck sweater, the colorful kit brings to mind some of Ralph’s eye-popping designs from the 90s.

If you’re from Slovakia or Luxembourg, do you even want to compete anymore? Do you want to risk your limbs skiing down a cliff after seeing the U.S. coming out wearing Jesus’ casual Friday outfit? I bet your government bought you a nice navy blue blazer with shiny gold buttons, and you thought you were doing something. Didn’t you, Uzbekistan? DIDN’T YOU? You thought you would have the Swedish women’s bobsled team just banging down your door in that leather shearling jacket. Nope! ‘Murrica wins again!

US Ralph Lauren 2014 Sochi Olympic Uniforms 3

US Ralph Lauren 2014 Sochi Olympic Uniforms 2

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