Randy Moss Inks One-Year Deal With San Francisco 49ers

03.12.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

While the world awaits for one future Hall of Famer to decide on his new team, Randy Moss saw all he needed in San Francisco by signing a one year deal with the 49ers. I noted Sunday Moss on a contender and with the right coach could be the magic mixture to granting Randy the one goal his career lacks – a Super Bowl ring. His work out with New Orleans was believed to be impressive, but giving the rocky state of the franchise following the bounty scandal and their still foggy free agency scope, Moss on the 49ers makes sense if you exclude the track records of Drew Brees and Alex Smith.

The Niners defense is about as good as you’ll find in football, Frank Gore is one of the more consistent in either conference and Vernon Davis became a superstar before our eyes in 2011. San Francisco’s one black eye came in the form of stretching the field; a trait Moss has made a career (and verb) out of doing. In an ideal situation, this problem’s alleviated rendering Montana and Rice’s old squad with no real reason not to play long into January next year. Everything’s there for the taking including what’s popularly known as the weakest division in football (pending Arizona doesn’t land Peyton).

Your move, Alex Smith.


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