Randy Moss Comes Full Circle

10.06.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

Remember when Randy Moss gave his post game press conference after Week 1 in that odd looking fitted with the du-rag underneath? When Moss said he wanted to be “appreciated,” I had a hunch then that before Week 6 the receiver would be in a different uniform. After watching what happened to another professional franchise this summer, no organization is going to let their bonafide start exit town without getting something in return. In this case, Randy Moss was sent home to the place where his legendary career initially took flight, the Minnesota Vikings.

A source close to Moss told ESPN NFL senior analyst Chris Mortensen that Patriots coach Bill Belichick informed Moss of the trade on Wednesday morning by telephone. The source said the conversation was cordial, with both men expressing appreciation for the time they spent together.

Moss will report to the Vikings on Wednesday and is said to be “excited” about returning to his original team with Brett Favre at quarterback, the source said. No contract extension talks have been conducted, but it is expected the two sides will have a discussion later in the day, the source said. [ESPN]

Favre’s fantasy comes true three years later and probably means the guy is going to play for another two seasons once this offense with AP, Rice, Harvin, Shiancoe, Berrian and now Moss finally gets clicking. Being a Dallas fan, however, I’m considering joining Gotty for his next smoke break. The combination of Randy Moss/Vikings/Cowboys/Thanksgiving Day 1998 still remains a painful memory of my football existence and one I’m dreading doesn’t repeat itself in two weeks.

The trade just doesn’t sit well with me or New Englanders for that matter. From a business perspective, however, it would appear the Patriots are once again a step ahead of the curve. Coming up in the 2011 draft, Belichick, Brady and the gang now have eight selections in the first four rounds with one of those being Oakland’s lottery first pick. As odd as it may sound, the Patriots are rebuilding in mid-season. With a 3-1 record, at that.

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