Rangers’ Fan Cooper Stone Throws First Pitch To Josh Hamilton

10.01.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Try watching this clip without welling up.

Six-year-old Cooper Stone, whose father died at a Rangers game this past July, threw out the first pitch before the Game 1 ALDS match-up between the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays. Shannon Stone lost his life when he fell 20 feet from the stands while trying to grab a ball that Rangers player Josh Hamilton had thrown to the dad and Cooper. Friday’s occasion was a captivating sight to behold, even if it’s only a minor consolation for Cooper’s loss. The July death was equally as unfortunate for Hamilton, who was only trying to make a man’s outing to the ballpark with his son that much more memorable.

It’s a small solace for Cooper, but Hamilton’s reaching out is a good sign that the young fan could have an unlikely support system as he grows older. Let’s hope he does, since anything less than a full-ride to college courtesy of the Rangers would be ridiculous.


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