Rap Genius Changes Its Name

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07.13.14 19 Comments


Rap Genius just got 0000.3 times easier to type into your address bar. The website known for giving the most condescending and stupidest ass “explanations” for no-shit-Sherlock lyrics ever has changed its name and can now be found at Genius.com. The move to the new domain was probably made possible by their new $40 million influx in cash, courtesy of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

Rap Genius made three big moves today to further its goal to annotate the world. The founders tell me it’s raised a $40 million Series B led by Dan Gilbert and joined by previous investor Andreessen Horowitz at a valuation under $1 billion. It also changed its name to Genius.com and is launching embeddable annotations so any website can hover over text and see explanations and background info on what that text means.

Your move, Urban Dictionary.

h/t: Techcrunch

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