Raphael Saadiq – “Movin’ Down The Line (Don’t You Go Away)” Video

07.28.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Nothing in the world replaces “feel good” music. You know, that type of stuff to hit your eardrums that’ll have you two stepping with your lady, losing all track of time in the process. For those not in the know, Raphael Saadiq specializes in said brand of tunes and his new video “Movin’ Down The Line” is the latest example. A combination of half concert and half original footage, Saadiq manipulates the two ends of the spectrum to illustrate the power of coming home to someone who appreciates your presence more than conceivably imaginable. Play this at a wedding reception or anniversary celebration and watch it define the occasion nearly to a tee.

Meanwhile, head over to iTunes to snag Raph’s latest album Stone Rollin’. I swear buddy is one of the best artists who is hardly given much space to shine on these world wide e-streets. Not that it matters though. As long as he’s continuing to create his unique and throwback style of music while hitting the road and getting those checks, there’s not much he needs to alter at this point. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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