A Rapper Was Handcuffed For Withdrawing $200,000 From His Own Bank Account

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Black Youngsta


Kanye’s “Even if you’re in a Benz, you’re still a n**** in a coupe” lyric is ringing true for an Atlanta rapper who was “bum rushed” by police after he withdrew enough money to buy a house in cash. Except he was trying to purchase a M-m-m-m-maybach.

Blac Youngsta, real name Sam Benson, says he went to a Wells Fargo branch on Friday to withdraw $200,000 and ended up being handcuffed and having guns pointed at his head by officers who thought he fit the description. “They come bum rushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head,” Benson explained to 11 Alive. “So I’m like ‘What I’d do?’”

Apparently, officers thought Benson was a wanted scammer who was trying to cash fraudulent checks, according to a press release from the Atlanta Police Department. When a woman commented Benson wasn’t “suppose” to have all that money with him, Benson informed her he was a millionaire in one of the greatest quotes of all time, “I’m a millionaire. How can I not have $200,000 on me?” How can he not?!

The rapper, signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group, said he withdrew the money so he can buy a Maybach, but now wants a Ferrari instead. “I’m feeling fast.” RNS.

Update: Police addressed the situation and assert that Blac Youngsta’s detainment was a case of mistaken identity. According to report given to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, authorities received a 911 call indicating someone was trying to pass a $24,000 check. Whoever placed the call gave police “limited and conflicting” information, giving police a description of the suspect and his vehicle, which matched the vehicle Blac was rolling in.

“It was quickly discovered that the person providing the description to police had provided the wrong description of the suspect,” Sgt. Warren Pickard wrote in an emailed statement to the AJC. “It was determined that the occupants of the vehicle were not involved. They were immediately released…This incident did not directly involved Blac Youngsta, nor was he accused of committing a crime.”

Another man, 39-year-old Charles Darnell Edward, was later arrested and charged in connection with the check forgery.

(Via 11 Alive)

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