Which Rappers Does Lupe Fiasco Prefer Over Kendrick Lamar?

06.04.14 4 years ago 36 Comments

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Lupe Fiasco was a guest on Hot 97, talking Hip-Hop nerd stuff with Rosenberg and Ebro and, boy, is it one big passive aggressive battle of wills. First there’s Lupe and Ebro going back and forth over the “Thot 97” song, which apparently the radio station took offense to. Then Ebro tries to “troll” Lupe and…I don’t know really what’s going on.

However, things pick up around the 25-minute mark when the Kendrick Lamar topic comes up. It’s pretty clear that Lupe’s competitive edge kicks in when GKMC gets mentioned and that Rosenberg is…slightly…excited about Kendrick’s status as a top MC. The result is pretty hilarious as Rosenberg spazzes at the names Lupe says are better. Also, the phrase (word?) “nut hugger” is used a lot.

And I’d be remiss to mention that the whole point of Lupe being on the show is to promote cancer research at his site WeAreOnAMission.org, the same one he released the song for recently.. So stop by there in between having your rap debates. Because there’s no debating that cancer can suck it.

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