Rapsody Talks About Ghostwriting For Former NBA Baller Grant Hill

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Rapsody’s star seems to get brighter with every mention of her name, most recently as the rare guest MC on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. But while sitting down with MTV, 9th Wonder’s protege talked about her collaboration with former NBA All-Star Grant Hill:

“That’s the big homie, that’s the big brother. Grant was a fan of 9th before he was a fan of me… I wanna say he came around the studio around 2010, 2011 and that was when I first met him. He hung out, listened to beats. 9th played him some of my songs and he was like “Wow.” [Now] he’ll hit me up like, they’ll do like ‘Four Bar Friday Freestyles’ and he’ll hit me like “Yo, I need some bars, can you be my ghostwriter?” and I’d write him something. To have that relationship with someone you looked up to like that, that’s amazing.”

His stuff on NBA TV wasn’t bad, though he lost some points for the whole pulling out the paper thing on TNT. But it looks like rapping isn’t even Hill’s biggest talent.

“He makes beats, and he has some skill. I rapped on a couple of them. So I told him we gotta do an EP.”

As dope as a potential RapHill EP might be, it’s worth noting that fellow NBA analyst Chris Webber is also a baller behind the boards. It’s notable mostly because now all I want is a beat battle segment on Inside the NBA. Make it happen, TNT!

(via MTV)

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