Ray Allen Is Three-Point Royalty

02.11.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

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Considering the amount of shots the average avid-hooper takes in a lifetime, the number 2,561 doesn’t exactly scream “record-breaking.” Reggie Miller sat on the retirement bench for years with that particular count minus one, that is, until the waning hours of February 10th, 2011 when Ray Allen decided he felt a certain way about the way history had been written.

But while Ray and Reggie both have likely triple the number of treys it took for them to be etched in stone during sideline shootarounds and backyard BBQ’s, the feat was accomplished by playing professional ball, during intense competition which ultimately revolves around teamwork and winning as an unit opposed to personal statistics and accolades.

We may be witnessing the greatest pure shooter that has ever played the game when factoring in the notion that the 35-year-old Celtic hit his landmark number while netting nearly 40% of those bombs and still has a few more miles left on his warranty.

As if the night couldn’t get anymore historic, Allen coincidently landed in the record books while facing off against legendary rivals the Los Angeles Lakers (over an onlooking Kobe Bryant at that!). Unfazed, the Lake Show went on conquer this singular battle in the never-ending war with a tally of 92-86. Yet, that minor victory will go on to be a mere afterthought in light of the monumental moment in Allen’s storied career. Come playoff time, both episodes could be utterly pointless if a NBA championship is the on the line. We shall see.

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