100-Word Review: Ray West And O.C.’s ‘Ray’s Cafe’

02.03.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

ray's cafe

The big winner of Ray’s Café is producer Ray West. Yes, it’s a collaboration with OC, but it’s West’s smooth Jazz-influenced production that captivates the listener and takes his audience on a time warp to the ’70s, especially on “Lovers.” From records like the title track to “Soul Kitchen” to “YMI” it’s just one great journey into the past that’s sure to ignite nostalgia in the older heads and a lot of researching into the past for the youngins. And that’s not to say that OC is a slouch here.

He absolutely isn’t, but Ray’s beats are just that great.

Songs to Play: “Ray’s Café,” “Breaking Rules”

Songs to Skip: “Have Fun”

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