“Ready Rock.”

11.09.08 9 years ago 45 Comments

I think I’ve pondered this before but we’re back @ it due to constantly listening to UnCrowned King & a recent convo with a pal. The homie was telling me how her brother was up @ 2AM calling her brother in-law, looking to get right. Besides the obvious, “I have no shame for self or respect for anyone” issues specific to that situation, I’m still having trouble understanding why people still smoke ready rock. (Yeah, I’ve gone back to calling it by it’s original name because it cracks me up.)

Selling dope? Enh, don’t bother me if that’s what people choose for their career path. Pays pretty well if you got a plug. Gym shoe dough like a motherfucker. If you can hack dealing with beggars, police & thieves, more power to you. Truth be told, if I ain’t have mouths to feed depending on me, I’d prolly still pitch. It beats going to a job daily & there’s a certain level of cinema that the hood provides that can’t be recreated by anything else in life.

But smoking dope? Bitch please. As a society, we’re a few decades into our relationship with crack…and besides George Clinton, I can’t think of anyone who’s maintained a solid lifestyle of success while married to hard. Nobody’s ever preserved their sanity, much less their sexy, while addicted to a lifestyle that requires snatching car antennas (word to B. Sigel’s rhyme accuracy) as a daily task. Even if a basehead can manage to maintain to degree, it usually only takes a day or two of either binging or withdrawals for them to throw a tantrum & lose their job, family, shirt, etc.

I think of the first acts Obama should enact is to employ Bobby Brown as the head of the DEA. We should all summon every basehead in our community & have them lined up. Bobby should grab Whitney by the ankles and swing her at all these motherfuckers like a baseball bat © David D. That’ll teach’em.

And this lineup shall include my aunt, the junkie.

*Ends ramble*

Mikkey Halsted Feat. Ken Rock – Ready Rock

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