Real T@lk – “Happy” (UnOfficial Remix Video)

02.18.14 4 years ago

real talk happy remix

Words By DrHipHop85

After a slew of stories concerning emcees behaving more like the Brooklyn Brawler or the Mean Street Posse, it was real refreshing when my homie Brandon Williams aka Real T@lk dropped a little nugget of positivity into my inbox. Taking the insanely addictive and light-hearted “Happy” from Pharrell and adding some motivational bars to it, Real T@lk’s remix is a nice mix of sharp lyrics and positive energy.

In case you forgot about him, Real T@lk got some shine on TSS a few years back with his witty and fun, Mo’ Betta Mixtape. Since then he’s dropped his much more political and poignant The Talented Tenth 8.0 project and is currently traveling between the Chicago area and ATL working on his next project. So these “#56BarsOfHappiness” are just a sample of what’s to come in 2014.

But I’ll let Real T@lk’s own words describe his inspiration and intentions for the track:

“I left Pharrell’s words and energy on there. I wanted folks to hear what I heard and then add to it with an educational twist. It’s not about me shining, but paying homage…more than anything, I would like this to reach the eyes and ears of the youth to inspire them, connect with the masses and serve as a catalyst for positivity while using Hip-Hop as a tool. I am OTHER.”

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