Recapping The NBA’s All-Star Weekend Thus Far

02.20.11 7 years ago 26 Comments
Shirt by Nike Stadium NYC

I have a bucket list. On that bucket list sits “attend a NBA All-Star Weekend” (and Super Bowl and World Series and, well, you get the point). The league’s annual “winter classic” is a combination of flare, parties, world class groupies and probably some of the finest drugs known to man. But that’s not why I want to go. Ok, maybe that is seven percent of the reason, but I swear, the other 93% is for the actual basketball.

This weekend thousands upon thousands have descended upon the City of Angels for the festivities. There were dunks, a Justin Bieber sighting, dunks, a church choir, dunks, three point shooting and, for good measure, even more dunks; pretty much all a person could ask for over 48 hours outside of Carmelo Anthony making a decision. Without further adieu, let’s run through the past two days: Chris Berman style.

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