“Make The Money, Don’t Let It Make You…”

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Chances are Atlanta and Magic City top most lists when the subject of America’s best duos is mentioned. Like it or not, it’s a symbol permanently tattooed on the city. Sort of like Green Bay and cheese, but not really. Unfortunately, I have yet to cross #65 on my bucket list by going to an Atlanta strip club and throw money around like I haven’t learned the concept of gravity. But there is a deeper lesson behind all this misogyny and effortless disposal of currensy.

Yeah, you may be resembling someone of importance for the moment, but it is the strippers who’ll be walking away that night with the win. You see, women in Atlanta and nationwide have found themselves migrating more towards greener pastures due to the recession.

Even in this tough economy, a dancer can clear about $50,000 a year, and that beats working in a dentist’s office or selling homes right now.

Like it or not, sex sells in Atlanta, where there are still more exotic and nude dance clubs in and around the city than anywhere else in the country, according to the Association of Club Executives, an industry trade group. Club work can be a strong draw in an economy that has shed 8 million jobs nationwide and propelled more women into the role of chief breadwinner.

“Women who may not have ever thought about working in the industry are rethinking” the idea, said Angelina Spencer, manager of the Washington, D.C.-based trade group. “Unfortunately, mortgages, car payments and groceries don’t go away in a bad economy.” [Via]

Preach. With the Obama administration promising a turnaround in the job market, it will be interesting to see how these numbers play out for the rest of the year. Not that I’m keeping tally or anything. My grandma always says “the proof is in the pudding.” In this case, “the money is in the g-string” and it is erotically evident how important sex is to the A’s infrastructure. What marijuana is to Cali, stripper poles are to Atlanta. Take a gander at these whooping figures.

Clubs (U.S.): 3,829

Metro Atlanta: 19

Economic impact: U.S. $15 billion

Metro Atlanta: $240 million-plus

Employment: U.S.: 500,000

Estimated annual earnings of Atlanta dancers: $20 million

$20 million. T-Pain might have this right all along. I need to marry a skripper for, if nothing else, her high credit score. And, as anyone with good financial standing can tell you, ain’t nothing sexier than good credit.

Hard Times Push More Women To Strip Clubs [AJC]

Rappers, you can continue to do your part by stimulating the economy with more video like this NSFW classic.

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