Red Pill x Hir-O – “Half-Remembered Dream” Video

08.21.12 5 years ago

Most fans of the genre will tell you claiming “real Hip-Hop” is an overused cliche and the nearsighted MCs using it to gain notoriety come across as one-dimensional. In fact, artists who actually are respected for their authenticity don’t have much to prove that doesn’t simply come across in their music, which is exactly what makes Red Pill & Hir-O’s new video for “Half-Remembered Dream” stand out.

While the visual itself is actually fairly lackluster, this sample-based track is a chopped-up mosaic of woodwind cuts, soulful vocal slices and reminiscent raps, promoting the same producer-MC approach and continual musical perseverance that pioneers like EPMD and Gangstarr used to help carry the culture forward.

If we’re lucky, some of these other so-called purists will take a que from these two Michiganders when their joint project The Kick drops this fall.

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