Reese – “May 9th” (Prod. By SladeDaMonsta)

05.15.14 4 years ago

reese may 9th sladedamonsta

Some people do their freestyles over crappy YouTube quality recycled beats, but Reese gets a fresh SladeDaMonsta one for “May 9th.” At first I thought I was missing something with a title like that and seemingly nothing that relates to it within the song, but then it was brought to my attention that it’s actually a freestyle that was, you guessed it, recorded on “May 9th.”

Like the rest of his music, Reese raps with his usual flair and finesse, and name drops fashion brands that us writers can only dream bout.

This summer, Reese is dropping his new album BAD GRAMMER. As much as it causes me to cringe to type that title out, fortunately I don’t feel the same way about “May 9th.”

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