Reggie Miller Is Malibu’s Least Wanted

08.10.09 8 years ago 20 Comments

…because he may try to get on your wife, whether she’s with it or not.

According to various reports, a plane toting a banner which read “Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women” flew over several SoCal beaches near Miller’s hometown of Malibu over the weekend, including over Hermosa during a major beach volleyball event.

Deadspin has a hunch: this might be related to a restraining order taken out (but not filed) against Miller by Alex von Furstenburg, a wealthy Malibu neighbor whose fiancée, Ali Kay, has allegedly been stalked by Miller. According to the restraining order, Miller waited an hour outside a grocery store for the lady in order to follow her home. He also sent her 53 text messages within four hours.

As if stalking physically & via text message weren’t enough, Reggie upped the ante. When von Furstenburg confronted Miller, Reggie talked tough, saying “he had friends with guns” (probably old Pacers teammates or former Colt Marvin Harrison). Furthermore, Reg reportedly told von Furstenburg to fall back & quit cockblocking his attempts with his fiancée.

And all this time I thought Reggie was light in the loafers & Cheryl was the one with balls. Turns out Reggie does have a set.

Folks, met the debonair dude, Reggie Miller. One of the few millionaires in this world who can’t get Grade A cooch. If I might suggest a remedy, he should just hang out with his analyst colleague Chuck & just pay for it to avoid the embarrassment.

Married Men Kindly Request Reggie Miller Stop Flirting With Their Wives [NBA Fanhouse]

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