Reks – “Kill’Em” Video

06.22.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Reks is known as a fearsome emcee, with a taste for chewing up and spitting out lesser rappers. So, it may come as a surprise that “Kill ‘Em” is firmly tongue-in-cheek. While Reks threatens a long hit list of the underground’s best, he also verbally takes out his own crew, and in the end, offs himself. I think that makes that makes this an lyrical exhibition, not a threat, by default. Still, Reks is skilled with the pen and Sean C & LV deliver a strong piece of boom-bap.

The video is pretty enjoyable as well. 4word – or Nastee, depending on which alias you prefer – has put together a fun, goofy animated clip that brims with nice little details. Reks and Statik Selektah represent Boston to the fullest, Adidas firmly laced on their feet. The Devil swaggers and blusters like a video-game villain of yore. And in the final battle, Reks emulates the one, the only, Son Goku and strikes the decisive blow with a Kamehameha wave. Folks, y’all have my word. I’m your man for any hip-hop video that ends with the emcee taking out his opponent with a Dragonball Z move.

Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme is available on Amazon and iTunes now.

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