“Remember Back In The Day…Remix”

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As far as I’m concerned, there’s NO SUCH thing as too much Notorious B.I.G. coverage. As long as the Internet permits, his memory will be fresh in the minds of the TSS community. Thanks to TheMeaningOfDope, who have been having a Biggie week in honor of the Notorious release, there’s a slew of old/new Biggie goodness unleashed upon us as if Bad Boy had their own holiday. Like I said before, B.I.G. was pre-digital age, so just actually seeing him in action is a gem in itself. The Black Frank White is here to excite…once again.

Performing “Big Poppa Remix” with Puff Daddy and Lil’ Cease on The Jon Stewart Show

The lesser known So So Def Remix (notice the altered 3rd verse) on the even lesser known Jon Stewart Show. Say what you will about Puffy’s marketing schemes, but he’s responsible for a good chunk of Biggie’s allure, having him kick the dirtiest of rhymes in the cleanest suits money could buy.

BONUS – Big Poppa 12″ CD Single

Performing “Juicy” with Puff Daddy and Lil’ Cease On The Jon Stewart Show

If ya don’t know, Pete Rock produced the remix and arguably the original…niggaaaa!

Bonus – Juicy 12″ CD Single

Performing “Player’s Anthem” with Junior M.A.F.I.A. (Lil’ Cease & Lil’ Kim)

14 years later and the song’s hook still commands like a 5 Star General. Look how Kim got more love than anyone on stage. Things done changed.

Bonus – Player’s Anthem Maxi Single

Easy Mo Bee’s Birthday Party circa 1994

Last but definitely not least, B.I.G. gives a heartfelt tribute to Easy Mo Bee on his born day while acknowledging that without his contributions, Ready To Die wouldn’t have been possible (Me Against The World for that matter.) Mo Bee already voiced his disdain for being left out the film and it’s moments like these, that make Notorious a little too small to box with the legend of B.I.G.

Props to TheMeaningOfDope

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