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Back in ’06, when I first heard K-Deezy’s local breakout hit, “In My Hood,” I knew immediately that he’d shine here in the Dirty Mitten.

What I questioned, though, was his crossover appeal.

As an artist, the man also known as K-Doe has a list of attributes to keep all types of listener’s fiending. With his distinct delivery, drawl, and scathing adlibs (“Yeaaaahhh!!”) you’re hooked before the hook even hits. Plus, with the notorious Street Lordz clique behind him, his street cred is 100, which makes him an easy sell in The D. Throw those elements over some obnoxiously loud, bass-heavy beats and you’ve got all the ingredients for a gutter rapstar from the ‘hood.

But, getting my Pacino/Keanu on, I really wasn’t sure if anyone not from the gutter could relate to someone who’s only ‘countin my dope money.’

Then, last week, I was proved wrong.

I happened to be out in Novi, the borderline of the Metro Area and the ‘skirts, watching my man rock an open mic. It looked like a clean dry-erase board in the place there were so many Ritz. Anyways, the in-house DJ was spinning joints on his digi decks, when he dropped typical out and started playing “Deezy,” the new joint by the man himself.

Having only ever had a rough version of the song, I never really got to appreciate it as much I would’ve liked.

The same, however, cannot be said for the 17-year-old, white Hollister spokesman with his lean on in the corner. Dude knew every…single…word. He made me feel like an idiot when I was shouting the easily spit chorus, and then looked over to see him keeping it more thoro than Prodigy in the 2-triple-0.

That’s when I realized, sooner than later, K-Deezy is going to be on.

If he can reach deep into people from Fenkell to Farmington Hills, his crossover game is even better than Al Horford on The Truth. He’s got the talent. He’s got the clout. He might as well get the acclaim he deserves.

His name is K-Deezy. Get used to it while it’s fresh.

Pretty soon you won’t have a choice.

K-Doe – Deezy

K-Doe – In My Hood

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