Apparently, Remy Ma Finally Found Freedom

08.01.14 3 years ago 15 Comments
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Remember how relieved Avon looked when Stringer came to pick him up once he got out of jail? That was supposed to be Remy Ma. Only it wasn’t.

The plan was for Remy to be released Thursday morning between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. The plan was for Papoose to pick his lady up from prison in a carriage carried by a pack of the finest pit bulls Brooklyn has to offer. The plan was for the two to ride off in “Alphabetical Slaughter” sunset and do what anyone does when their significant other completes a long bid.

Well, plans change.

Remy’s still locked up. In fact, according to REVOLT’s Jayson Rodriguez, Remy’s actually been in solitary confinement the past week because of a July 21 incident – the same day her phone conversation with Power 105’s Angie Martinez took place.

“Disciplinary problem” and “third party call” are all officials are saying at the moment as to why Pun’s understudy is still a leading character in the real-life version of Orange Is The New Black.

In all seriousness, hopefully Remy won’t be locked in the belly of the beast too much longer. The infraction doesn’t appear to be anything that would warrant an extensive amount of time added to her sentence. But “former prison warden” isn’t on my resume either.

All in all, I can’t imagine many things worse than getting all the way to your release date only to find out your release date isn’t really your release date. It’s like paying off your final student loan payment only to find out you still owe another $10,000.

Aight, maybe it’s nothing like that.

Update: Guess yesterday’s delay was only a slight one. As of today, Friday, August 1, it appears that Remy Ma was finally let go by the man. The news comes from her Instagram page – because social networks are much more affordable than hiring a publicist these days – where Ma or her handlers updated with the simple message “I’m Back.”

Her husband, Papoose, followed with his own message via IG that included a celebratory cake along with the message, “Congratulations to the #Queen happy 2c you walk out that cage!!!!!!!!!! Time 2 begin a new chapter It’s your time #therulersback wish strong was here 2c this #therulersback #therulersback #ripstrong”

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