#ReplaceTheLace To Help Support The Fight Against Childhood Cancer

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We’re all much more alike than we are different. That’s why I know many of us have dealt with cancer in some form or circumstance throughout our lives. That’s also why I wanted to share the word about Compass To Care and their goal to helps kids with cancer when they have to travel for treatment. In short, CTC covers travel expenses – gas, parking, hotels, flights, etc. – when kids and their families have to travel to other cities or even states to seek treatment.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the #ReplaceTheLace campaign is part of the mission to raise donations and awareness about Compass To Care. I’m sharing a few pairs of laces for free but you can also pick up a pair on the Compass To Care site. For the giveaway, I have five pair available, maybe more if the response warrants it.

To enter:

1. Comment on this Instagram post (https://instagram.com/p/7gFjyNg7RR/) with the hashtags “#ReplaceTheLace” and “#GottyKnows.” The first is so that others see it and find out more about Compass To Care. The second is just so I can find it easily.

2. That’s it.

There’s no need to complicate it. Let’s K.I.S.S. Just comment on the Instagram post and, if you really want to increase your chances, tag a friend and/or share it on your social networks using the same hashtags and a link to the Instagram.

On Tuesday, September 15, I’ll reach out to the winners via Instagram and have your laces shipped out next week.

About Compass To Care:

Compass to Care, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, ensures all families can access life-saving cancer treatment for their children. We carry out this mission by scheduling and paying for travel arrangements to the hospital where a child is being treated for cancer. Ultimately, we give children the best access to life-saving cancer treatment, regardless of their family’s financial situation. For more info, visit compasstocare.org/replacethelace.

Replace The Lace

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