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05.29.08 9 years ago 44 Comments

Photo by D-Nice

Aside from rocking a few Return of the Legends-esque gigs, what the hell happened to the former radio staple Naughty By Nature?

Over the holiday weekend, I was rocking their super solid Nature’s Finest compilation at my Memorial Day BBQ, and by the end of the disc, that’s all I could think about.

Together, Treach, Kay Gee and Vinnie had two multi-platinum albums, more than a few timeless singles and the entire mainstream rap world on lock in the early-to-mid nineties. The trio was genius when it came to making certified hits and they had ties some of the biggest artists in Hip-Hop. Treach himself, well, he was unquestionably one of the most talented emcees in the game during Naughty’s abridged time in the limelight.

Nonetheless, today, in a VH1 world where trivial acts are heavily applauded and rocking mainstream remixes and award shows, the Illtown, Jersey trio are ghost.

Nowhere to be seen.

If you’ve heard from Naughty By Nature, or have any info regarding their whereabouts, please let the TSS fam know about it. Real really does respect real, and these three men deserve some of that post-millennium love that many of these bottom buck chumps receive on a way too regular basis.

So, let the sleeping and assuming and B.S. stop, because Naughty is to live and die for Hip-Hop.

Naughty By Nature – Nature’s Finest: Naughty by Nature’s Greatest Hits (1999)

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