RESPECT Magazine Presents So Kodak With John Gotty™

12.08.10 7 years ago 107 Comments

John Gotty Respect Magazine

From 20 friends via email to 200,000 deep gathering on a weekly basis. Those numbers reflect that transition of growth The Smoking Section has experienced. Through it all, I’ve never wanted to Puffy the scene, instead deflecting all credit to The Crew and thank you’s to our community. While I am “John Gotty™,” the name itself symbolized a figurehead, a Wizard Of Oz or a “ghost” to most. I’ve always been okay with that because I figure it’s what readers want. Hell, I remember being infuriated when Regina King started voicing The Boondocks for TV mostly because it ruined the years of reading the strip and the voices I’d created for the characters. Same thing here, leave well enough alone.

RESPECT & Kodak had different plans.

A few months ago, they reached out and inquired if I’d be interested in having a small part of my day chronicled because they saw it as interesting and influential. At first, I declined, partially because I preferred the anonymity and preferring the spotlight to stay on not my voice, but the countless voices gathered here daily sharing conversation revolving around the music and culture. They agreed, however it was impossible to gather every visitor.

Gotty Kodak

So for a few minutes, I put down my menthols and stepped in front of the camera. Along with a feature in the December issue of RESPECT (go cop that!), an accompanying video is up for viewing at

Thank you to the staff at RESPECT & Kodak for the opportunity. Another thanks to BQE Productions and PhatKaps Boutique for all their help. And thank you all for the continued support.

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