Respect The Tech: Gadgets We Love This Week #9

11.07.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Gadgets Of The Week

It’s already November, and Black Friday is around the corner. Are your ready? Of course you aren’t. But we’ve got some gadgets here you might wanna pick up for your loved ones. Or maybe you could take a look for yourself. That’s right, it’s Respect The Tech, volume 9.

Let us know what you think and, if you have tips or ideas, email us.

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1. LaCie Porsche USB keyring

Now we all can’t afford a new Porsche. But who says you can’t admire their fine designing and engineering skills? Well, those Germans and Frenchies at LaCie spent a little time and designed a line of flash drives with durable casing and expensive Porsche branding. Goes well with MacBooks.

Buy: LaCie


2. Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Touchscreens are a thing of the past! Well, not really. But there is a cool Bluetooth keyboard that projects the keys on any flat surface so you can type on the go. It works best with your Android and iOS device. Kind of novel, but still could be handy.

Buy: Brookstone


3. ChargePak 3 external battery

When you’re camping or on that cross-country smuggling trip, you sometimes needs that extra juice to keep your phone battery going. This convenient contraption can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, providing a full charge for each.

Buy: Thinkgeek


4. iKettle

The TSS Crew loves our caffeine and our cellphones. Equality. But it appears a coupling of the two is among us. Dubbed “The World’s First Wifi Kettle”, the English-designed iKettle allows you to schedule brewing times and virtually everything for your hot drink of choice. With the slick iOS/Android app, you can get a pot going on your commute home, or have it alert you when done once it’s the perfect temperature.

Pre-order: Firebox


5. TonicalTune tuning system

A purist would call this blasphemy, but come on. This awesome auto…ahem…tuner does an excellent job of tuning your guitar in a matter of seconds. Works with a large assortment of electric or acoustic guitars, and the device saves 6 of your own presets on top of 12 standard tunings that come configured with it.

Buy: TruNorth Music and Sound

6. Nintendo Wii Mini

Really Nintendo… Really? You are struggling with selling your less than a year old (at publishing time) console. Yet, you go and release a dumbed-down, cheaper version of your ultra-successful console that everyone ALREADY owns. SMH.
That red looks nice, though.

Buy: Amazon

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