FBI: We Had Rev. Al Sharpton On Payroll

04.08.14 3 years ago 37 Comments

Reverend Al Sharpton’s used to his name making the headlines, for good, bad and even worse. But on Tuesday morning, Sharpton’s come under heavy fire from allegations claiming he was once on the FBI’s payroll as a stool pigeon.

The Smoking Gun has released documents which they say prove that Sharpton was a former paid Mafia informant for the FBI, working under the codename CI-7. The outlet alleges he recorded mobsters with a bugged briefcase to help the government agency bring down members of the Genovese crime family during the ’80s. Reportedly, the information Sharpton gathered was used to get wiretaps to bug two Genovese social haunts, three cars used by the group and many of their phones, according to the court records obtained by the website.

The civil rights activist and current TV host has already disputed the information and indicated that it paints an inaccurate picture since he was the Mob target.

In his interview with The News, Sharpton said he contacted authorities after receiving death threats from Buonanno and others over his activism in trying to get African-Americans more work in the business end of the music industry. “If you’re a victim of a threat, you’re not an informant — you’re a victim trying to protect yourself,” he said.

He acknowledged that his conversations with mob figures were recorded, but he denied using a bugged briefcase. He said he was never paid, but was occasionally reimbursed for travel. ‘I encourage kids all the time to work with law enforcement,’ he said. ‘You’re acting like it’s a scandal for me to do that?’”

Sharpton claims that he was never aware that he was considered an informant or if any of the information garnered lead to any arrests.

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