“Bring It Forward” – Review Of Donny Goines’ The Breakfast Club

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Never underestimate the power of determination and merits of hard work. In just a little over a year, Donny Goines has made a prominent name for himself, appearing on countless guest verses and radio shows and even releasing his debut album Minute After Midnight last December. If sleep is the cousin of death, it shares no bloodline with Donny for he’s back with his 2nd project, The Breakfast Club in just a matter of months. The oft-entertaining, sometimes bloated endeavor showcases DG improving lyrical repertoire as well as creative depth in terms of record making.

Exhausting his industry Rolodex which includes contacts from rappers, singers and producers alike, The Breakfast Club manages to hold strong to the element of surprise with unpredictable, though enjoyable results abound. Holding tight to his NYC roots, the explosive “Bring It Forward (New York, New York)” and MC critical beatdown heard on “What U Expected (Remix)” are calls to arms for rappers to put some extra flair into their music.

The soundmen do their part in helping associate the album with its 80’s movie inspiration like Cook Classics bringing the euphoria back sampling Simple Minds for the opener or Donny and Emilio Rojas trading bars over Kwame’s new wave exposition on “Make Me Feel.” The ambitious “Party Apple” even ups the ante, sampling J.U.S.T.I.C.E.’s “Tthhee Ppaarrttyy” evoking visions of DG rockin’ a crowded bar with bottle of liquor in abundance.

Things do tend to get a little crowded at Donny’s table on occasion. Brunches like the Planet Asia-featured “Digital Genocide” and “Can’t Get Right” with it’s uplifting message feature too many MCs without enough English muffins to go around forcing Donny to sound like a guest on his own project. When artists such as Outasight (“Sublime”) or Tanya Morgan (“Grateful”) are consistently filling topical voids, the main attraction’s viewpoints tend to get lost in the shuffle, despite the solid musical backing. Moments like the paranormal narrative “Closer” tend to wash away the enigma of Donny Goines more than any “hot 16” present and reveal a cerebral artist with much aptitude for igniting listener’s eardrums.

The laundry list of initiations used to contribute for the project may have disrupted the continuity a bit, but there’s no disputing that the food for thought present assimilate to balance out a good LP. With an work ethic and ear for invigorating production, expect Donny Goines to continue to attack the industry like his stomach is growling.

Download — Donny Goines – The Breakfast Club

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