“YM Banger” – Review Of Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being

10.19.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

There has never been a rapper like Lil Wayne–and there probably won’t be one akin to him for some time. Aside from being one of the few rappers who still sells considerable amount of units on the regular, his character traits keep his name in the news when he’s not holed up in the studio. The brazen yet nonchalant approach towards recording; Dwayne Carter easily churns out 200 songs annually. The stylistic dexterity that ignites his drive is merely analogical reasoning on the 3rd grade reading level and obviously wouldn’t cut it for most artists trying to find a niche in such methods. And of course, his highly public debacles (impregnating multiple women, consistent run-ins with the law, male on male lip-bonding) that would make an otherwise burgeoning rapper’s career spiral down the drain, but for Weezy, the bounds of his popularity continue to ascend through aerospace.

Recorded in preparation for his absence due to a state-appointed vacation stemming from an illegal weapons possession, I Am Not A Human Being is a direct extension of Wayne’s last outing, Rebirth, opposed to his last widely recognized album Tha Carter III. Rock-tinged anomalies of songs—much of which has be the apple of Wayne’s affection as of late—pepper the LP to distinct the recipe of his preferred cookbook. The centerpieced title track is a thrashed onslaught of heavy metal where Wayne exercises his inner rockstar to separate himself from the rest of the pack. And then there’s the chest-pounding commencement of “Bill Gates” which, has little to do with the quirky brainchild behind Microsoft except for the key factor that being ranked at the top of their respective hierarchies is what drive men to divide and conquer. Boi-1da’s grim and foreboding melody makes for the perfect soapbox for Weezy to give a signature braggadocio performance. And he dives in head first at the opportunity.

Ironically what makes this Release of the Third Kind so customary is most of its inflections represent the current trends of Hip-Hop 2K10 down to the metronome. The Drake-featured “Right About It” and “I’m Single” showcase unforgettable harmonies coupled with half-baked hooks and a plethora of punchlines that can be found in any club across the globe, night in and out. Keeping it upbeat for “That Ain’t Me,” his apparent single-hopeful with crooner Jay Sean, Wayne depicts himself the martyr with lines like “…We gotta get on our shit like gnats do/polices be on my tip like hats do/but, I just stay strong like Blacks do…” and adds a little substance to …Human Being’s hollow inconsistencies. Because like Wayne has proven countless times, making comprehendable music isn’t at the top of the list of his priorities. Whether lazily rehashing the opening line of “Bedrock” for the base of “Popular” or allowing the cronies to shoot airballs on his court on subsequent fluff “YM Banger/Salute,” there’s nothing emphasizing that his current position is engraved in stone just yet.

Wayne’s nonsensical nature will still prevent him from being celebrated amongst the game’s commonplace leaders but at this point, it’s simply syrup under the bridge. By pledging allegiance to his own twisted mothership, I Am Not A Human Being stands as cream of the crop circle.

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