“Flawless” – Review Of V.I.C.’s Beast

09.07.08 9 years ago 20 Comments

For those experiencing flu-like symptoms caused from adolescent rappers who dress like extras in Toys “R” Us® commercials, creating synchronized dance telegrams, blame Mr. Collipark. The former Ying Yang Twins brainchild recently began to build his own empire with underclassmen Hurricane Chris and Soulja Boy, spawning successful, albeit frowned-upon Top 40 singles. His latest protégé, 21 year old Atlanta transplant, V.I.C., upholds the stereotype that new rappers are merely one-trick ponies with his laughable debut Beast.

If you thought “Get Silly” was a goofy attempt at mainstream acceptance, brace yourself. Because when there’s smoke, there’s hellfire. The bouncy “Bop, Bop, Bop” borrows it’s hook from the lead single and offers more of the same: simple melody, minimal substance, tolerable club fodder. Likewise for the go-go influenced “Wobble,” with its amalgam of congas and sparse horns. Aside from the obviousness of sounding like nothing else on the album, it offers another minor single worthy of a few record spins.

Produced majorly by V.I.C., Beast features the bare essentials of beatmaking such as the requisite high hats, 3 note melodies, and computer generated sound effects reminiscent to the ambiance of an arcade. Which in turn, makes for slim pickins for respectable artistry. It’s a tossup between Hurricane Chris’ horrible cameo and the mumbling of the campy Batman theme on “We Ridin (Batman)” for worst element of the song. Vocally, V.I.C.’s delivery consists of grunts and growls as if he was rapping with an ear-to-ear grin, so it’s hard to take him serious on tracks like the wannabe ladies anthem “Blow My Mind,” where he snarls “Girl gimmie that, gimmie that pussaay!!!”

Any notions of lyrical acumen were undoubtedly waived with “Get Silly,” but V.I.C. doesn’t even put forth a sliver of an effort to make his rhymes worth rewinding. All the babbling on “Do You Know” doesn’t help the cause for clarity which is a warning to all those who mess with his brother…who’s apparently deceased. The essential “real” song, “By Faith,” comes off extremely awkward and screams “Collipark made me do it!” with lines like “And this world is dimmer light and full of darkness/how a man can kill his wife and leave her heartless/My God/it’s/not a good place/in this world to have a kid/more than less raise…” And then there’s “Jaw Jackin” which has a beat busier than rush hour traffic. After being murdered on his own shit by Bun B, V.I.C. only can muster up the lyrics “Like daffodils and rose petals/I’m fragrant/don’t eat meat but it smell like bacon…” ???????

Tragically, Beast is merely a sheep in wolves’ clothing, with the wool poking out on the sides. Portions of it may appeal to the younger generation, but eventually they’ll grow up wondering exactly what in the hell they were listening to.


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