“Do That There” – Review Of Yung Berg’s Look What You Made Me

08.15.08 9 years ago 35 Comments

If Yung Berg comes across as cocky and arrogant, it may be somewhat understandable. Where most rappers today are direct offspring of a higher power, the scrappy Chicagoan has carved a path all by his lonesome. Hitting the charts off the back in 2007 with his debut single “Sexy Lady”, the lispy voiced rapper looks to build on the success he tasted early with his official debut, the respectable Look What You Made Me.

Berg obviously wants to be a Pop star, and despite blatantly borrowing pages from the current edition of “How To Be A Rapper” (chronic abuse of the auto-tuner, redundant materialistic themes, R&B singers on nearly every hook) he manages to succeed in delivering some guaranteed platinum ringtones. In-house producer Rob Holiday crafts some catchy melodies on tracks like the dreamy “Outerspace” and “The Business” which feature Berg doing as much singing as he does rapping.

The Ray J assisted “Sexy Can I” has the perfect makings of a club anthem with a simple, yet well placed delivery with lyrics like “I’m a go-getta/and she ‘a go get it/you already know [Sexy Can I!!!]” that’ll have partygoers singing in unison. And although “Sexy Lady” and “Where Do We Go” are over a year old, they add to the LWYMM‘s replay value as they are amongst some of the strongest cuts on the album.

Still, with the primary focus on hitmaking, Berg overlooks creating anything with any real depth and at the end of the day, there’s no clear understanding on who he really is. Look What You Made Me paints this elaborate portrait of a “young boss” who survived shootouts while flippin’ packs in streets, who still finds time to whisk supermodels away to Rome for the weekend. The stereotypical Rap star. The clichéd themes of the title track take a laughable turn where Berg claims to stand tall with “Biggie & Pac in the background” and proceeds to name drop numerous legends that are seriously out of his league. And every Pop-Tart on the album isn’t fully baked as the Casha featured “If You Only Knew” sounds awfully similar to “The Business” and the Lloyd collabo “Manager” results in overkill with the “I’m-the-bigger-baller-shawty” shtick.

Look What You Made Me will surely secure Berg radio spins as well as 106 & Park airtime, but if he’s to fully gain the respect he desires, he’ll have to work on shaking the generic identity he portrays. But while most rappers remain one hit away, Berg can proudly say he has that area covered.

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