“The Mo City Don” – Review Of Z-Ro’s Crack

10.22.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

Often one of the most overlooked in Houston’s famed rapper gene rapper, Z-Ro isn’t one to let popularity and politics stand in his way. Readying his 12th solo album Crack, the Mo City Don stays loyal to his strengths in terms of making admirable Southern rap tunes and at the least, keeps things consistent.

Those unfamiliar with the sounds of Z-Ro may caught off guard from his deep baritone that can switch from flow to song in the drop of a dime, but the same things that make him peculiar are also the nucleus to his originality. Like the slow burning “Here We Go” where Ro croons on the hook then proceeds to rip through his verse with a double-timed delivery that exhibits his versatile flow.

Other examples of said practices include the Mýa assisted “Tired” which excels due to the fluid harmony of the lyrics over a placid Tone Capone beat. Still, the communicable LP finds time to switch it up as heard on “If You That’s How You Feel” which ironically serves as a dance number despite Z-Ro singing “Other than boppin’ my head/I’ma just stand there!”

Produced primarily by Z-Ro, the musical selection works well in conveying the sentiments the songs are trying to display. The somber bass drops “Lonely” compliment Z-Ro’s foul-mouthed rants on unfaithful women while “25 Lighter’s” slightly screwed up jam session, is pure speaker candy and justifies the 10 minute playing length. But Mr. Lee comes through with the album’s diamond in the rough “Top Notch,” where he resurrects the late Sweet James Jones’ charisma on the chorus over a sparkling Willie Hutch sample.

Although Crack never lives up to it’s infectious album title as Z-Ro rarely impresses with his subject matter, it doesn’t manage to lag far behind either. Simply put, it will satisfy those needing a fix of Z-Ro’s freebased life chronicles as he’s likely cooking up some more for the near future.

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