Season’s Greetings From Donny Hathaway

12.01.11 6 years ago 12 Comments

Outside of any commercial influences and negative aspects associated with the holiday season, fact still remains this time of the year will forever be my favorite for nothing else other than memories alone. I’m instantly taken back to the days when my entire family would congregate from different parts of the map and Christmas presents would spill over into the hallway. Laughter replaced gloom that would later present itself with my uncle’s sickness and eventual passing. Love trumpeted any ill will the workplace provided from the regular 9-5. Family provided a temporary escape from any hurdles life created. This time of the year was just how it was marketed to be.

The music, too, was always a constant staple. Donny Hathaway’s interpretation of “This Christmas” has long been one of the finer holiday songs from a personal standpoint. For one, Donny’s voice, to this day, still stands as one of the more unique and soothing to ever be recorded. It’s as relaxing as it is symbolic, and unavoidably catchy as it is timeless. Leaving work the other day, Hathaway’s version was played on the radio and I lie to you not, all the stress built up from the previous eight hours at work was instantly alleviated. Calling it therapy may be an over exaggeration, but it certainly transplanted me back to a point in life where I could care less about making credit card, car or Sallie Mae payments. Instead, when trying to find a way to go to sleep Christmas Eve night was the biggest issue the world presented. The song was, and still is, innocent; just how life once was.

Given the fact that nothing stays the same forever, especially time, having memories result in our most powerful blessing. Things will never go the way we plan them or expect them to forever. It’s just one of those unwritten rules in life we’re taught as we grow older and mature. Having the ability to remember when they once did, however, is enough to wake up and smile every morning.

Donny Hathaway – “This Christmas”

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